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Locate Your Booth

Be sure to read the email instructions you will receive about setup. If you wish to check out the festival maps and your location see: Locate Your Booth


The event is located at Oviedo on the Park. Use 299 Center Lake Lane, 32765 (or click the link) for directions.

Check in For Vendors

All vendors must check in at the ONE and ONLY check in entrance at Center Lake Lane and Oviedo Blvd.

  • Please arrive for setup at the time communicated to you or arrange for a different time. Times are assigned to minimize congestion.
  • Come on to Oviedo Blvd off SR 419 and get in the southbound land to get in line. Oviedo Blvd will be CLOSED south of the check in point. NO ENTRY FROM MITCHELL HAMMOCK (NORTHBOUND) WILL BE PERMITTED.
  • When you reach the Circle, please pull all the way over to the right to allow traffic to continue around the circle.
  • Please line up to the North of Center Lake Lane on Oviedo Blvd.
  • Pull your vehicle to the right side of the road as far as possible to allow other cars (the public) to get around you.
  • Be prepared to give our member the LAST NAME of the person listed on the application, Booth Space Number, and BUSINESS NAME.
  • You will receive a Field Access Pass with your booth space number on it. Please put this on your dash visible to our members who will direct you to your section.
  • If you prepaid for Saturday parking, you will receive your parking pass at this time.
  • Only one car per booth space is permitted on the field at one time.

Set Up (Friday)

Once checked in and on the field:

  • Find your booth space. Areas will be marked with signs and booth space numbers painted on the surface.
  • Pull your vehicle over as far as possible near your booth location so other vehicles can pass by.
  • UNLOAD your equipment. Then remove your vehicle from the field and return to arrange your space.
  • The festival area will have security presence over Friday night.
  • If you take your vehicle in to unload items on Saturday morning, all vehicles MUST be off the field before 7:45 AM Saturday morning.

Exiting the Field

You may exit only at any of these locations:

  • Boardwalk Ave (row K) to SR 434 or Windy Pine Way (row K) back to Oviedo Blvd.
  • City Plaza Way (row L) to E Mitchell Hammock Rd.
  • City Walk Lane (row M) to E Mitchell Hammock Rd.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ENTER AT AN EXIT. You will be turned away.

Vendor Overnight Parking

Free overnight parking is available, Friday night ONLY, for completely self-contained motor homes at Shane Kelly Park off Lockwood Blvd. If you wish to park overnight you must notify Cindy Drago,
by November 5th so arrangements can be made.

For a list of local hotels and campgrounds, see our FAQ page.

NOTE: There is NO overnight parking on Oviedo Blvd. or in the event parking lots. You WILL be towed.

Prepaid, Reserved Vendor Parking

Reserved Vendor parking on Saturday morning is available in three lots for Vendors who have PREPAID PARKING Only:

  • Your parking pass MUST be on your dash to enter the lots.
  • One parking space per booth space. Do NOT bring a vehicle and a trailer and expect it to be one space.
  • You will receive an email with your assigned parking lot. We have picked the lot closest to your space to make it more convenient for you.
  • Lots will be marked with signs. Enter through the prepaid parking check-in. There will be someone there checking for parking passes on your dash at check-in and throughout the day.
  • Parking Lot A: Adjacent to the park on Oviedo Blvd.
  • Enter from Oviedo Blvd., north of Center Lake Lane. After any Saturday morning set up, exit via Row K (Boardwalk Ave). Proceed straight down Windy Pine Lane to Oviedo Blvd. Make a right. Once admitted, please enter the parking lot on the right.

  • Parking Lot B: Oviedo Blvd. between Mitchell Hammock Road and Center Lake Lane (west side only)
  • Enter from Oviedo Blvd., north of Center Lake Lane. north of Center Lake Lane. After set up, exit via Row K, Boardwalk. Proceed straight down Windy Pine Lane to Oviedo Blvd. Make a right and enter through check-in again displaying your parking pass in the windshield. Proceed south on Oviedo Blvd. past Center Lake Lane and park on the West side of the road along the sidewalk. Do not park in the first section where the port-o-lets are.

  • Parking Lot C: Construction lot off Mitchell Hammock just west of Oviedo Blvd
  • After any Saturday morning set up, exit via Row L (City Plaza Way) or Row M (City Walk Lane) and make a left on Mike Roberto Way, The entrance to Parking Lot C will be on the right. Enter the parking lot where the construction trailer is located. A sign will be posted.

Please do not violate these instructions or park illegally. You will be towed.

Other (non reserved) Parking

Additional vendor parking is around the event, such as City Hall, across Mitchell Hammock, and the Aquatic Center on Oviedo Blvd. Please park legally and respect our neighbors and businesses.

  • Oviedo Acquatic Center Parking, 148 Oviedo Blvd
    • Click for directions.
    • Click for a map.
    • Shuttle service will be provided for Vendors from the Aquatic Center to the park on Saturday morning from 6 AM to 8:30 AM.
    • PARK IN THE REAR. Do NOT park in the front parking lot. You will be towed. The City is conducting business that day and needs the parking spaces for customers.
  • Oviedo City Hall Parking Click for a map.

Absolutely NO parkng along Oviedo Blvd (north of Center Lake Lane) and NO parking on Boardwalk Ave.

Please do not park illegally. You will be towed.

Vendor Parking MapClick to expand/download/print the map (PDF).

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