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FAQ Food Vendor

What do I need to know before I apply for a booth?


  • Festival hours are 9am - 4pm

  • No items will be exclusive to any vendor. In the case of multiple vendors selling similar items, the GFWC OWC reserves the right to limit those items. There will be limited number of vendors in each like category.

  • NO alcohol, drugs or unlawful transactions are permitted. If any violation occurs, the entry is forfeited and the exhibitor will be asked to leave. 

  • Additional fee of $100 to sell any drinks but not water. 

  • Great Day in the Country is held rain or shine. There is no rain date. If weather conditions are extremely unfavorable, the GFWC Oviedo Woman’s Club may cancel all activities.

What are the requirements for registration?

  • Registration and payment in full is required prior to the event. We accept applications online or by mail. 

  • Online registration will accept credit card payments.

  • Mail registration for application. Submit application and payment (made payable to: GFWC Oviedo Woman’s Club) by mail to:

                  Great Day in the Country

                  P.O. Box 621607

                  Oviedo, FL  32762-1607

                  Attn: Food Vendor

  • Application and deposit reserve a space until October 1, 2024. NO space will be held without appropriate deposit. Deposits are refundable until August 31, 2024. Fees must be paid in full and Fire Department requirements fulfilled before October 15, 2024.

  • No Refunds after October 15, 2024.

  • All partners sharing a booth must be listed on the application.

  • The GFWC OWC reserves the right to approve the food and drink items. You will be notified in writing as to the approval of food items. Listing such items on the application does not automatically approve those items.

  • Once you have applied and your application has been accepted, you will receive a confirmation email within 90 days.

What do I need for my booth?

  • FOOD Vendors will be located in one of the food court areas.

  • There is limited space for whisper generators; therefore, prior approval is required by the Event Chair.

  • It is the responsibility of your organization/business to comply with all Florida State Food Handling Regulations and Oviedo Fire Department fire safety standards, click here for standards. Any fine for non-compliance will be the responsibility of your organization. Any space with an open flame (grill) must have a properly working and non expired fire extinguisher.

  • Contact with the Fire Department MUST be made before the event. 

  • The GFWC Oviedo Woman’s Club does not collect sales tax. You are responsible for reporting and paying the applicable sales tax (which is 7%).

What do I do at the start of the event?

  • Information regarding booth setup, booth numbers, gate entrances and time of entrance will be sent to accepted attendees by late October.

  • Your organization or business name, food and pricing must be prominently displayed at your space. Only the items approved for sale may be listed on your sign.

  • Only one vehicle per booth is allowed on the field at a time. Unload merchandise and immediately move your vehicle to the parking area before beginning your booth setup.

  • The Fire Marshall will visit your tent area prior to the start of the festival to ensure you comply with all fire safety standards. Be prepared to show your proof insurance.

What happens at the end of the event?

  • Food prices cannot be lowered until after 2:30pm.

  • Teardown - You cannot start breaking down your space until 4:00pm. Please break down and pack up BEFORE getting your vehicle. Cars are not allowed on the grounds and Food Trucks may not be removed until approximately 4:15 - 4:30pm when the Oviedo Police gives the clearance. You must finish your cleanup and be off the grounds by 6:00pm.

  • You must bring your own garbage bags and containers and remove all garbage from your area at the end of the event.

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