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We offer space to non-profit and commercial organizations to sell food, snacks, or drinks at the event. Please check out our FAQ page for all the rules and regulations before you register. Please note that there is an additional fee of $100 to sell drinks but not water. Water is being sold by the OWC only.

Food Vendor Space Fees:

Regular Booth Space (11x11):         $200

12x12 up to 25x20 feet:                     $350

26x20 to max. 30x20 feet:                 $500

Drink Sales                                         $100

Lot Parking:                                        $ 25

Deposits will be required at time of registration.

Sales Tax will be added for all above pricing.

*Limited number of spaces with Electricity first come/first serve and "Whisper" Generators are only accepted after approval

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